Last year Janice, Sinead, David and Tim had such fun taking part as the Swindon ‘es’ in the Worcester Vigornia GPS Hunt. We got lost, had loads of laughs, saw some sights, had a wonderful lunch in a pub and actually won the competition. Now it is happening again, we’ve already booked our place….

We hope you will consider joining us in this event it will be a lot of laughs and an ideal opportunity to meet other Rotarians.

The Winning Team

INDICATE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW that you are looking for other members to help you make up a team.

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0 thoughts on “Vigornia GPS Challenge

  1. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    What a shame, we have promised the kids our first outing in the new motorhome that weekend – and before anyone has any bright ideas that we could so it in that – we’re heading all of a mile down the road from home – just in case! My husband has never camped before, and my experience of late is minimal – so have fun – and hopefully we’ll be with you next year.

  2. Heather says:

    Hi. We’re thinking about joining in but not sure it’s very three year old friendly – there would be an awful lot of sitting in the car for him and he would quite reasonably object! Can someone give me more of an idea of the shape of the day? Thanks.

    • Polly Robinson says:

      Heather, I understand your qualms, remembering when my crew were that age! He would probably love the ‘hide and seek’ aspect of caching, though the time in the car could be a stumbling block for him. Encouraging him to find the physical things on the list you’ll get may help to keep him engaged eg six different leaves, an acorn, the queen’s head (these from last time, will be different items 11 March). Janice has given you a good overview of the shape of the day, and like she says, it’s the joining in that makes for a fun day. T’would be lovely to meet you and your little boy, but will understand if you decide on a raincheck this time.

  3. Janice Mason says:

    At each of the stops there is a variety of things to do. The clue has to be solved and the treasure found and once found decisions made as what treasure to take from the cache and which treasure to leave in its place. There is also a natural treasure hunt going on throughout the event – each team is given a list of natural treasures to find anywhere on their travels (like different shaped or coloured leaves), which young children found interesting as they had to keep their eyes peeled to find things. Every team is also given a black bag and gloves to tidy up any rubbish they find, so that we’re all helping the countryside. The pace you take it at, how long you spend at each stop and even how much of the hunt you actually complete is totally up to you – it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts!

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