This week for our members it is a business meeting, please sign into the Members Forum to see what is being discussed in the August Business Meeting in the Secretary’s Notes and Club Business.

Here we present our latest initiative to involve more people in the family of Rotary, by establishing a volunteer team.


 The Rotary Community Corps – Community Act

The  Rotary Community Corps – Community Act is being sponsored by Rotary@1100. We are looking for volunteers to be part of this new team to help Rotary@1100 develop community initiatives and projects, assisting the Community to Act when need calls.

Sponsored by Rotary@1100 we want to develop a team of volunteers who will give service in their communities under the umbrella of Rotary International. We believe every community needs to develop its assets and to have the ability to become self-supporting, this new team can help in this challenge working in partnership with other private, statutory and voluntary organisations.

We are looking for volunteers to join us in forming the Rotary Community Corps – Community Act, a chance to use your skills, talents and experience to do good and change lives. Some of the projects we are looking for volunteers to assist Rotary@1100 are in the following areas:

  • Intergenerational work helping to encourage positive ageing
  • Fund Raising for Rotary International Projects
  • Helping to develop Mental Health and Autism Awareness Campaigns
  • Help with local charities e.g. food collections for Food Banks
  • Service Team to undertake any project when called upon – the challenge is in finding the solution
  • This list will grow as new needs are identified in specific communities.

For 100 years plus Rotary has being doing voluntary work in our communities, with the slogan Service above Self, often without recognition Rotary has been making a real difference. Now we need to re-engage the young, excite the passive by-standers, energise the more mature, our communities need to build on their assets and develop solutions that assist them to be more caring and able to take action without depending on state help.


Yes we want to help build an army of volunteers who can help Rotary@1100 continue serving its community, developing enterprise that helps to sustain our ability to enjoy life, offer new positive and cultural activities that makes wellbeing the natural choice.

Help us start the Rotary Community Corps – Community Act,  join us or encourage a friend:

Cost: whatever time you can give free

Age: 18 to 100 plus

Reward: a fantastic sense of wellbeing that you are helping to make a difference in your community and the world, together with learning new skills, making new friends, being connected to an International Service organisation and yes having fun while you do it.

Interested? Send for an application form today and help us form this new exciting venture. email:

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  1. Charlotte says:

    What an interesting concept and definitely makes more sense to me for Rotary in the 21st century. I think it will also be a new way of encouraging those already working with their favourite project to join us in order to get more support. Roll on the sharing times

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