Please see the proposed membership of eClub Action Groups for 2012 -13, if you are not happy with the group you are in please let us know by commenting below and indicating which group you’d like to be in, please do this by Sunday 13th May. Once these are finally agreed they will be included in the eClub Directory.

We are looking for volunteers to undertake the following roles:

eClub Protection Office – RIBI Protection Policy can be viewed under eClub Information, this role will sit within Membership.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Support

Assistant Secretary – Programme: – to coordinate members in finding speakers or subjects for weekly meetings

Assistant Secretary – Event Calendar:- to assist in coordination of eClub events and activities calendar (including events being organised by other Rotary Clubs in the District)

By volunteering for the Assistant Secretary roles, this would mean a change of action groups to eClub Administration, if applicable.

Thank you for your help.

Janice Mason, Secretary

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0 thoughts on “Preparations for Rotary Year 2012/13

  1. Janice Mason says:

    A big thank you to Kevin Leaning who has volunteered to be our Protection Officer.

    A new Policy has been distributed by the District for Equality & Diversity. Although we do not officially need an officer to ensure the eClub carries it out, Yvonne (one of our new members) has volunteered to take on this responsibility, so a big thank you goes out to her as well.

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