Programme for week commencing 11th October, 2012

Yes another chance this week for our members to up-date everyone on things they’ve been involved in, service they’ve been giving to their community and perhaps where some of the projects have got to as we move through our Rotary year.

You may also want to look back over some of the past programmes, read the members’ comments or put a comment of your own. For instance on the 30th August the title of our programme was ‘We’re for Communities – the eClub Membership Plan’ in that programme our Senior Vice President  asked us to consider our unique selling points, in last weeks programme entitled ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ some of the comments articulate why we enjoy being part of an eClub, here are our usp’s. Again in the eClub Membership Plan we are asked how we get people to join and on a separate post Rachel Davis offered help with members who’d like help using Social Media – wouldn’t it be great if we all helped in promoting our eClub through Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, tell people what we are doing and how Service is very much about what a Rotarian in E-Rotary  contributes.

In Secretary Janice’s programme ‘I’ve been transported to the top of Everest’  20th September she tells us about how she has learnt so much through Rotary and how our weekly programmes can widen our experience. Janice does need to hand the programme coordination over to someone (volunteers welcome) and for all of us to help find the speakers each week. By revisiting the programme we can remind ourselves of what Janice wrote, we will see how Rotary can help us to learn about so much in our own community and in the wider world.

Finally one of the greatest challenges of our day is to help raise awareness about many different issues, as E-Rotary this gives us opportunity to give Service above Self by using the world-wide web through social media. The issues we want our members to focus on are: Autism Awareness programme 19th July, Making Mental Health issues more visible in our communities programme 27th September and a future programme in November will focus on making more people aware of Domestic Violence in our Communities. We can use our members who have expertise in these areas to help us through Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to promote and raise this awareness. So much opportunity to do Rotary differently, in a new exciting way, with plenty of challenges, it is great to be a part of the E-Rotary revolution.

So what will you promote this week on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In?

How will you ensure people are hearing about what you are doing through Service above Self?

Who have you in mind to ask to be a speaker in our eClub?


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  1. Tim Mason says:

    It is not often that I’m first to comment on a weekly programme, but it is with delight that I welcome two new Rotarians today who have become full members of our eClub, Mary Loran who is currently helping to coordinate our Baby Clothes Collection and Tracey Brewer who agreed to be our eClub Youth Officer, both are very keen to be involved in our endeavours.

    Secondly to mention that the last week has seen a lot of interest from RIBI in our eClub helping other Districts to get E-Rotary up and going, this is an excellent opportunity for us all to give online Service to help get people interested in the E-way of doing things. To that end I have been involved in a webinar and tele-conference, however we can all help by using our chosen social network to promote this way of doing Rotary.

    Finally yesterday was the World Mental Health Day and Rachel Davis helped start the conversation about Mental Health and bringing this important subject out into the open, one of aims for the year. Please help us continue to make Mental Health visible in our communities, openly discussed and to encourage people to keep their own Mental Health fit. Thank you Rachel for your posts on facebook yesterday.

  2. Janice Mason says:

    Just a quick post whilst I eat my lunch – I have been given a 2nd bag of baby clothes at work this week, this seems to be a project that many people want to support. Who else is advertising it at work?

    Makin’ MuZic (the choir I belong to) is busy rehearsing now for the Christmas gigs. Doesn’t seem right singing carols in October, but it will all sound good come December. Will keep you posted on what we’re planning to do later on, but for anyone close to Swindon keep Wednesday 12th December evening free if you want to join us at MM’s Christmas Concert, which usually starts with mince pies and mulled wine to get you in the mood.

    I would like to emphasise the need for a volunteer to take over coordinating the weekly programme. It’s not that onerous a job as there is already a programme for the year (please see my post on Climbing Everest), it’s just about making sure that each Action Group is given a reminder in good time as to when it is their turn to provide the programme and make sure we receive the text to post ready for the relevant Thursday morning. With everything else I am doing, this is one job that is getting pushed to the back of the queue and I’m not giving everyone fair warning, I’m really not coping with it, so a volunteer to take it one will get a big hug from me.

    Right, better get back to work.

  3. Garth-IH says:

    Great to be able to read about the weekly programme and more details on your e-club since got recent access. Just back last weekend from our own District Conference in Galway; great couple of days. Purchased one of the new membership t shirts!

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