Programme for week commencing 27th February, 2013

  •  See Janice’s post about District 1100 Budget 2013/14, below.
  • Autism Awareness workshop finger buffet Please use the form attached to indicate the quantity of the items you are willing to provide.  Also, to prevent a surfeit of any individual item please would you could choose three items you would be willing to provide and put them in order of preference (however, you will only be expected to produce one of these choices!).

If you would like to provide any food item that is not on the list please add it into one of the blank boxes.

We are expecting approximately 50 people will be attending the workshop.Tea, coffee, juice and water will be provided separately.

Thank you for your help and support – we couldn’t do this without you. Please email form back to me at


  • District 1100 Conference please update other members about the highlights of this weekends Conference in Torquay. We are looking for an eClub member to be the eClub Conference Coordinator in preparation for next year, so we can encourage other members to attend and to help us be together as an eClub at Conference.
  • The Virtual Balloon Race has now ended, Allan Berry’s Balloon – “New Rotary” romped home to win. Thanks to Rachel Davis for organising this innovative way of internet Fundraising, it has helped us get more interest across the globe. Thanks to everyone also who supported, please can you use this week to make any comments on how we might improve running these types of events.
  • News Update our latest edition is now published and can be found at Bats, Balloons, Bling and Busy People
  • Our eClub Toolkit updated (our Learning Curve)  has also been updated to show further learning for other RIBI Districts.



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0 thoughts on “Open Meeting for March

  1. Mary Nettle says:

    Having a quick look through the photos I was astounded by the Presidents chain of office, it looked as though it weighs a lot. Is it really neccessary for a modern outward looking organisation to have such a thing? To be honest it made me feel less than proud to be associated with Rotary , I wonder if it was so imposing in real life. Rotary seems to like symbols I wonder why?

    • Tim Mason says:

      I believe the President of RIBI agrees with you Mary, in his speech he spoke about there not being too many pictures with the gold chains on show e.g. Bling on Bling. However in the case of visiting the young people at Uplands, they saw is chain as it stood for importance ‘ was he the Swindon Mayor’. I have to say President John was very receptive to the interaction with the young people and his speech was joined in with, with some interesting comments about Scotland.

  2. Janice Mason says:

    The Virtual Balloon Race gained a lot attention on the internet and was a very successful idea. We have fed back to the website owner problems we had with the site, expeically around paying for the balloons. For such an event in the future I think we need to be cleverer about how people pay and not just rely on the event website to be the sole way of paying. The beginning of the race was exciting, but feeling was it went of too long. Next time or for a similar thing how about we launch the sales at the beginning of the month, have 3 weeks intensive sales and then a week of the race to really build up to and run an exciting week?

  3. Rachel Davis says:

    Hi Janice
    David at the Balloon race has given me tips for future payments,so it will make any future races more effective, hopefully!
    David did also recommend that the race not last more than 2 weeks – but I chose to have it last for the entire month of February (National Heart Month)as I thought that some people would be encouraged to buy balloons as Valentines Presents.
    There were some issues, as you know, with me (race administrator) not knowing who had paid for balloons, so I couldn’t activate them all – I still don’t know if everyone managed to pay for their balloons, unfortunately.
    Overall, I think it was a great way to get the Eclub noticed and I think it was fun that we had an Internet based activity for our internet based Rotary club.

    • Tim Mason says:

      I think it was great fun as well, I think we also showed a lot of other people of another way of Fund Raising using the internet. It is good to see the Autism Group in Canada now doing the Virtual Balloon Race and the eClub of East Anglia are planning to do one at Easter.
      To me I’d like to see us doing more for the British Heart Foundation and helping you Rachel within the community, I see you are going to do a Photograph Competition is there anything we can do to help?

      • Sinead Darker says:

        I’m not sure who “owns” the ballon race idea but if eclub is going to adopt it and use it every year there are good opportunities to get support from other clubs and make it a major fund raising opportunity. At conference David Fowler, past RIBI president grabbed my attention and wanted to know more about the balloon race. I haven’t contacted him yet, Tim should probably do this anyway, but David Wren had a good idea, he thinks we should promote the balloon race with all rotary clubs, and run a sort of lottery offering the winning club 25% of the proceeds for their own charity. Any thoughts??

  4. Rachel Davis says:

    Tim. The photography competition was for Februay (entries were from December to 1st February) but I only had one entry, which was quite disappointing – luckily I had other fundraising ideas up my sleeve for February!

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