Programme for week commencing 18th April 2013

During the last week there has been a great deal of information posted, we hope you will use this week to catch up, have a look at the Up-Date on E-Activities and the invitation our new member Mark Ward has posted about the Charity he works for, the Trussell Trust.

Plans are getting put together for our new Rotary Year in 2013/14. Janice, Sinead and Debbie are getting together next week to discuss the ideas that have been put forward and 12 eClub members are attending the District 1100 Assembly in Cheltenham on the 27th April, if any other members would like to go, please contact Janice a.s.a.p. All of these plans will be put before the eClub on the week beginning the 15th June, which is our eClub Assembly.

President Elect Janice was rung by Rtn.Peter Wells, who is the District Eradication of Polio Officer, asking us to help him with a District initiative involving the Virtual Balloon Race idea. He wants to get all Rotary Clubs in the District to sell the Balloons, with all funds going to End Polio Now. After consultation with one or two members, Janice agreed we would help, but we wanted all members to know before it was announced at District Assembly next week.

Today we sent out an email to all the attendees of the Autism Awareness Workshop held on the 16th March, it read:

Dear participant

Thank you for attending the above day.  I have pleasure in sending you the notes from the day, and would like to say thank you to Lorna who has done a splendid job over the Easter holiday typing them up.
In the time since the Workshop we’ve continued to engage with the Autism Awareness campaign through social networks, ensuring the Autism Awareness Month message is spread far and wide.  With thanks for Reuben’s enthusiasm at the workshop, followed up by Jan’s actions, in Swindon on the 2nd April we lit up Christ Church in Old Town, Swindon Town Hall and the top of the Brunel Tower Blue (see Click for Action Newsletter:  Next year, with planning, we can do more.
On Facebook we have set up a page called the Autism Spectrum Condition, to help signpost support and allow for further discussion.  If you are not a member please join:
We are now seeking for dates as to when to hold our first Task & Finish Group to start working up the Business Accreditation idea, and also looking to run a further more indepth workshop on the Autism Condition Spectrum as requested.
The attached notes, along with your evaluation, are being used to put together an action plan, which will incorporate what you personally took on to do after the workshop. Please let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like included in the plan that is not clearly indicated in the notes.  The action plan will include planning for next year’s Workshop, where we will report progress of what we achieve throughout this year against the specific goals to be detailed in the action plan.

With regards
Tim Mason
Rotary@1100 (website:

Attachment sent of  Autism Awareness Workshop notes

Please use this week to catch-up, post anything of interest to other members about projects or individual service you’ve been doing in your communities or any ideas you’d like considered to be included in the next Rotary Year Programme.

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0 thoughts on “Open Meeting – April

  1. Rachel Davis says:

    I look forward to hearing all about plans for the next year – with the girls at the helm, I wonder how different life will be!?
    Exciting that the Balloon race is going to happen again, raising money for another very worthy cause – I look forward to helping out with this and advising Peter on my findings from running our own balloon race in February.
    Is it possible for us to have a calendar of things that we will be supporting throughout the year, such a National Heart Month, Autism awareness month etc and then perhaps the Rtn who is leading on that could prepare a simple briefing paper for the others to say what it’s all about and where to find further information?

      • Janice Mason says:

        We have our eClub Calendar of Events under the eClub Notice Board, which has served us well in our first year. Now it really needs a couple of members to own it, make it vibrant and active, to be the contacts for our own events (both on and off line), for other Rotary clubs and partner organsiation to advertise things we can take part in and support, and highlight general national/international campaigns. Who would love to take on this vital challenge?

  2. Polly says:

    Two things I’d like to pass on …

    1) I will be at District Assembly 27 April, it will be good to see everyone there.

    2) I’m delighted to say that four of my poems feature in an anthology coming out soon in memory of David Webb, son of Norfolk Poet, Wendy Webb. David was autistic. Wendy started raising money for The National Autistic Society through the Just Giving website and says ‘Dave was truly a star, full of energy, so bright, and so hard to live with. Now I want to see a star shining in the heavens, named after DAVE. Fundraising for Dave’s Star will help others affected by Autism.’
    The Foreword is by Jane Asher, who, many of you will know, is the President of the National Autistic Society. I will let you have further details as the book is published.

    Also, fantastic news that district has bought into the idea of a virtual balloon race, it is fun.

  3. Mary Loran says:

    Just thought you might like to know what fun it is to be involved in the Interact club at Uplands School. The young people are amazingly enthusiastic and although some are almost completely disabled they still join in. The more able and expressive are fun and have great sences of humour and they love Tim.The staff are inspirational people and so encouraging. I am starting on Thursday at their Charity Shop, hoping to be helpful, watch this space!!
    I am bringing my husband to the Farm on our Presidents Lunch and also I hope my daughter in law and granddaughter will be there too, anyone else bringing family?
    Please don’t forget if you are interested in the Fashion show being put on by Wootton Bassett and district rotary club on the 29th April please let me know , I can get you tickets, £5 a go!!

    • Tim Mason says:

      Isn’t it great that Mary is to be a volunteer at the Charity Shop, she has been CRB’d for this role, any one else interested can get forms from Tim. Really good that Mary is bringing other members of the family to our President’s do at the Farm, it really helps Rotary to get the family involved and that’s definitely what we want to encourage in the eClub.

  4. Tim Mason says:

    One of the suggestions put forward is that we have a calendar of events of what other Rotary Clubs are doing. We from time to time do put other activities on our eClub Noticeboard, especially if the Rotary Club has sent in a specific request. In the early days of the eClub we did get requests from other Clubs for help with their activities, but there was disappointment when no one came forward, due to the fact we are an eClub for busy people.
    My suggestion is that if we can find a volunteer to keep a Calendar of other Rotary Events updated and will keep in touch with other Clubs that will help, however it needs to remain a given that it is up to individual members to pick and chose and people mustn’t get upset if there are no takers. These will be additional activities if people have time and inclination to support.

  5. John Isles says:

    Don’t want to confuse people but if you go to the RIBI D1100 website details of what clubs locally are doing are shown. If we used the same template it would get automatically publicised to us under Calendar of Events, as would our events, providing the right box has been ticked to allow other Clubs to see it. Just a thought.

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