Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the collection of ideas that are forming the basis of our 2013-14 plan.  We will agree the plan at our eClub Assembly, week commencing 13th June.  I wanted to share the draft with you this week to give you all time to mull it over, discuss anything you want more information on or to add things.  I also thought that for those of you attending the District Assembly this Saturday it will help you focus on what information we need or maybe pick up on opportunities that have been missed.

Aim & Focus:   Continue to build on the foundations, enabling development in a flexible and spontaneous way.


  • Roles and responsibilities throughout the eClub to be coordinated, linked to members’ passions, so that each member is supported and not working in isolation.
  • Members’ confidence and expertise of doing Rotary online strengthened.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in the continued development of our internet activity.
  • Continuity of year-on-year work where members are working together to support their local community, whilst listening and valuing new ideas as they arise.
  • Be able to respond, be spontaneous and communicate developments to build all members’ understanding of the projects being backed.
  • To enable growth of E-Rotary through eClub activities, in partnership with Rotary around the World and other organisations.

The plan has been laid out in relation the Rotary Avenues of Service.

International Service:-

  • Work in partnership with Role Out The Barrel (ROTB), supporting Michael Smith on his sponsored 25,000 mile motorcycle ride.
  • Working in partnership with the Cambodia Human & Hope Association.
  • Understanding how Micro-Financing works.
  • Developing partnerships with other International E-Clubs.
  • E-wareness campaigning.

Vocational Service :-

  • Community ACT – Employment Workshop.
  • Working in partnership with The Shop (Uplands Educational Trust).
  • Development of a Business Page.
  • Employers Autism Accreditation scheme and Autism Awareness Campaign.

Community Service:-

  • Gloucester City Farm duck pond.
  • Christmas Shoe Boxes.
  • Transition movement and community development (ABCD).
  • Using We’re for Communities principles to enable community facilitation, such as partnership work with BHF and HEALS.
  • E-wareness campaigning.

Club Service:-

  • Ensuring Publicity, Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety and Protection are considered in all we do.
  • Developing E-Training where necessary for ourselves and others.
  • Website development.
  • Increase and strengthen membership base, in particular through CARE and buddying.
  • Produce a membership video.
  • Implement an effective rolling leadership development plan.
  • Coordinated Weekly Programme shared amongst all members.
  • Calendar of Events developed as a vibrant, active page.
  • eClub administration well governed, including Finance and the range of Rotary Directories kept up to date.

New Generation Service:-

  • Young Writer competition.
  • Uplands School Interact Club supported.
  • Rotaract eClub supported.

The Rotary Foundation:-

  • To support the District 1100 End Polio Now Officer to run a District wide Virtual Balloon Race.
  • Contribute to local grant funds and apply for local matching grant.
  • Neck Tie bags/items made and sold in aid of End Polio Now.
  • Work in partnership with Upland School Interact Club to make quilt for End Polio Now.
  • E book produced on ‘How we met – the event that changed our lives’ sold in aid of End Polio Now.

Please give thoughts and suggestions below. It would also be good for those who attend the Assembly on Saturday to update other members about what you heard.

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0 thoughts on “Onwards and Forwards

  1. Katharine says:

    Do we need something about promoting awareness and understanding of the e club concept across the District ?

    Most exisitng Rotarians I speak to stuggle with the concept !

    I will find out more about RIBI Environmental policies,and my new role as environmental officer and see how we can feed this in to club objectives.

    • Janice Mason says:

      The plan above is very much at a summary level, promotion to and understanding around the District is very much incorporated into Publicity!

      Yes, I hoped you would consider what RIBI and the District are proposing re Environment. At the moment we have the duck pond to complete and promoting the work of Roll Out The Barrell could very much come into the Environment arena.

  2. John Isles says:

    Janice, Having had 25 years of Rotary Experience and having been President twice and had to do what you have done, this is one of the best set out programmes I have seen and has obviously been given a great deal of thought. Back in the old days when Clubs could vote on whether to allow “women in their Clubs” I regret to say I voted against. You have just demonstrated why we need women in Rotary and why we should be proud to have them. My sincere congratulations.

    • Janice Mason says:

      Thank you John, really appreciate that. Our business (that’s Tim and me) is very much about planning and performance monitoring, so this is bread and butter work for me; the key to any planning is not to know the subject, but listening, compiling and visualising how concepts can become reality. As such, this plan has had many contributers from around the club, I have just given it form. It is indeed a joy to belong to a club where there is so much passion and desire to get on and do things.

  3. Katharine says:

    I think we need to be more strategic about the charities we support and how we support them, whether it be active fundraising or promotion. At the moment we seem to be a bit random jumping in and out and not really consulting the membership of the club before we make a committment.

    We also need to fit this in with RIBI and Rotary International charities and campaigns.

    We also have the issue of the difficulty of chosing local charities when our membership is widely spread.We did anticipate this when the club was first set up.

    I am happy to give you further thoughts on this and pull a short paper together for discussion among club members.

  4. Lynne Wootton says:

    This plan looks really good to me in that it is ensuring that members have the opportunities to get involved in local things in their communities that they are interested in. I think it’s good to have this flexibility and to have such widespread areas of interest to ensure all members remain interested and committed to undertaking whatever their time constraints allow them to do. A great long term strategy to encourage and sustain membership Janice. Nice one.

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