JaniceThree months into our Rotary Year and I thought this was a good time to ensure we are on track with our plan, if you haven’t seen it go to the Members Forum and look under Club Programmes (long term objectives). It is important we monitor our progress and I need everyone’s help in that task as well as ensuring we deliver our objectives by my year end.


  • Roles and responsibilities throughout the eClub to be coordinated, linked to members’ passions, so that each member is supported and not working in isolation.
  • Members’ confidence and expertise of doing Rotary online strengthened.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in the continued development of our internet activity.
  • Continuity of year-on-year work where members are working together to support their local community, whilst listening and valuing new ideas as they arise.
  • Be able to respond, be spontaneous and communicate developments to build all members’ understanding of the projects being backed.
  • To enable growth of E-Rotary through eClub activities, in partnership with Rotary around the World and other organisations.

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I’m grateful to Charlotte our webmaster who has put in place our Members Forum, an excellent tool that has greatly improved our communication with each other. This area enables us to keep in touch with one another, post what we are doing towards the plan e.g. our Actions and enables us to be active members in a flexible way. However, I ask each of you to review your involvement in the forum:

  • How often do you visit in a week? The beauty of eRotary is that it is 24/7 so I wonder if you just might pop in anytime in the week to keep up to date.
  • Please look at some of the requests for help that are posted, it is really important that the load of undertaking the plan is shared by all. As you know I’ve been keen for all of us this year to work in 2’s and 3’s.
  • Especially welcome new members, tell them about yourself and how you are involved, maybe get them to help you, so they are engaged in our activities straight away.

Greater communication between us all I believe will help us to deliver all the things we’ve set out to achieve by the end of the year. It feels good to be President of our vibrant and exciting Click 4 Action eRotary.

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I have become aware that some people do like other alternatives to just the written way we communicate and sometime ago, in our early days, Ola suggested we use Skype. When we were in Lisbon at the Rotary International Convention a Swedish eRotarian told us about their monthly Skype meeting, I’ve therefore asked Vice President Sinead to pilot us doing a similar thing, please see her initial investigations in the September Business Meeting in the Members Forum, she needs your thoughts and comments.


One of the areas we’ve been wanting to really support has been The Rotary Foundation. I was so pleased when David said he wanted to help us raise the profile of one of the worlds leading charities, it’s what funds a tremendous amount of what Rotary does. What is even more exciting about the eDraw is that it is building on this idea of 2’s and 3’s working together at a distance as eRotarians, e.g. David in Swindon, Kate in Lincoln, Margaret in Edinburgh. Please help them to promote the eDraw and let us do our utmost to raise funds that help Rotary make a difference in the world.

OPEN SPACE poster - Oct 2013

I’m greatly encouraged by our first three months of this year, we’ve presented a cheque for Disaster Aid, supported Abandoned & Rescue Dogs, promoted World Peace Day, held a Facespace Day, are collecting Ties all over the world. We are looking forward to our Mental Health and Wellbeing Day on the 12th October, the following weekend packing the Shoe Boxes and currently promoting the Young Writer’s Competition.  Yes, so much going on and we need everyone to be as excited by it as me, not necessarily involved in everything as we are a flexible network for busy people, but I want everyone who belongs to at least be able to see all of it and this can be achieved through our Members Forum, I’m sure you will agree.

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  1. David Wren says:

    Hi Tim. The article re Young Writer Competition has the wrong email address. There is a “c” missing i.e. should read “…..eclub….” .
    I have just posted details on my Facebook page.
    Regards – David

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