Our monthly programme continues on the theme of End Polio Now, as we are really close to eradicating it from the world. Please keep thinking of ideas of how the District 1100 eClub can help raise funds and awareness about the End Polio Now Rotary Campaign. We would still welcome your ideas, please post them on the web.

Any ideas of where we can get lunch boxes made would be appreciated and see the idea about ketchup bottle pins, again we need to find a supplier.

Below are two films which give more information about Rotary’s work to eradicate polio and a song from a local artist in his own language promoting the message of the need for parents to get their children vaccinated.


and a song from a local artist in his own language promoting the message of the need for parents to get their children vaccinated.


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0 thoughts on “Ketchup with End Polio Now & Ideas Developing

  1. Shelley says:

    wow! great song. Amazing to see the work in action. Never really thought about why so many had sticks in India. Knew it was from some infection but it is just not spoken about there, especially to foreigners. Will be really interested to see what is happening in Bangalore when i go back in February.

    Where do i find out about the lunchbox idea?

  2. admin says:

    This is on the News Update page go to the links. The idea is to find a company who makes lunch boxes and get the tomato ketchup put on them, so they become a talking point about End Polio Now.

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