Programme for week commencing 16th April, 2015 welcome back to Rotarian Paul Jackson on his second part presentation the Face of Rotary.

John: Welcome back to Part Two Paul and let me fire some “Quickfire” questions to you and ask if you can tell us your views on some Rotary issues:
On the subject of District and National Conferences do you feel there is a need for these?
Paul: They appear mostly ego trips for those that aspired to the various positions. I am currently involved in putting some suggestions to the General Council and let us see what response that provides, if accepted then it might bring a radical change.
There too many Rotarians who for some peculiar reasoning want to be a DG and go “higher” in the organisation. On the whole they have no management skills or vision. If they did, why would they bother to go for D.G. and ludicrously have to visit every club and run a Conference which becomes a
measure of their popularity not effectiveness as a DG in more important things like the gaining of new members.

The problem then is that the establishment of PDGs is full of those who want to progress and because you need the support of your fellow PDG’s you don’t rock the boat and it carries on leaking and will eventually sink!

On a personal issue I believe no RIBI President should be over 65 and no DG over 60 and perhaps introduce retirement levels at say 70 or 75?

John: On a Membership issue what would you do with Clubs who make it almost impossible to accept Female members?

Paul: I should give them 3 years notice to achieve at least 25% or get closed.
John: You referred earlier to RIBI needing “Leaders and people with Vision. Should the Board of RIBI be solely made up of “Business Leaders” who may or may not be Rotarians?

Paul: No. The President should be a top Business Leader and a Honorary Rotarian and there should be 2 Non Executive with a proven Business track record who can both re-structure the organisation and utilise the media and social media.

John: What single thing would you change at COL?

Paul: I have Two. Firstly, I should make the Rotary year 2 years as it would save a lot of expense and give people time to achieve and secondly, I should introduce an age limit on most positions as the older folk stick around too long and block the next generation.

John: Is there anything our eClub should be doing that it isn’t doing?

Paul: I really don’t know I have only been a member for a week. I believe that eClubs will be dominant in say 10 years but they will be regionally local so that members can meet on projects and socially. I will be watching with great interest the launch of an RIBI eClub

John: When you are not doing Rotary what do you do?

Paul: Well lately I have been almost full time as Chairman of a RIBI task Force on the future of the Annual Conference. My background is marketing and running Conference and Exhibitions around the world so it has been mind boggling shepherding past and future RIBI VIPs to a business plan.
Otherwise we spend a lot of time in our Cotswolds village and with our 8 grandchildren as well as gardening and walking. I have just started an Investors Club which should be fun and hopefully worthwhile. I read a lot of political books and have an extensive library which I often cross refer to enable me to read about a particular event from many different perspectives.

John: Thank you Paul, it has been both an interesting and enlightening talk and I hope we can all agree that Rotary has to drag itself into the 21st Century and that means tough decisions need to be taken. Thank you.

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