Several club members took the opportunity to meet in Riga at the recent Rotaract European meeting EUCO event.   Many of the club members have “graduated” from Rotaract naturally into the eClub.  These events occur 3 times a year in various european cities so create the perfect opportunity for members to travel and explore a different city whilst keeping up with connections made during thier time Rotaract and making new connections.

This year was special as club member Lynda visited Riga celebrating a birthday and was an opportunity to get involved with the Rotaract & Wine event organised by Jasper, our resident wine expert.  The current political situation in Ukraine also created opportunties for social projects whereby members of the club helped out at a warehouse that is helping Ukrainian refugees setup thier new homes.    This was followed by sightseeing opportunites to explore the beautiful city of Riga and its rich history.  As well as other opportunities to learn about the culture of the participants at the country booths.  In the evening as always at EUCOs and REMS a gala dinner took place, this time in the specular setting of the national library, which had been transformed into an events venue.

official photo courtesy Craig Simons

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