In our programme this week commencing 15th May President Janice reflects on her time this year as a busy working woman ensuring we continue our journey of eRotary.

janice handover1There are 24 hours in a day. I spend 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours working. That leaves a whole 8 hours!

2 hours of this are used in the morning for lunch/breakfast making, grooming and walking the dogs. That leaves 6 hours, 2 hours of this are used in the evening to cook and enjoy our evening meal.

That leaves 4 whole hours a day! Wow! But where does it go? Why does it not feel like I have this much time? I know life is not really this simple, we all have all kinds of pressures for our time, but if you are really passionate about something it is amazing how the time to do it can be found.

Janice barbecuing2

During my year as President for Click 4 Action eRotary I have enjoyed every minute given to pursing my passion for Rotary. At our AGM this week inside the Members Forum I am giving my evaluation of the year’s activities against the eClub plan, yet for each activity there have been leaflet and social media graphics to produce, a constant round of contacting relevant members, accounts to keep, reminders to be sent and plans to develop. I am very fortunate to work alongside an amazing eClub Secretary, who has the memory of an elephant and is able to keep me on the straight and narrow to get things done.Janice


Right back at the beginning we said it would take at least 3 years for the eClub to find its feet and become sustainable. Click 4 Action eRotary is now 2 years old, we have come a long way in that time and it has been wonderful to see the passion for Rotary grow amongst our members and finding the time to take on key roles this year.


A key part of this development has been us taking time to get to know members, find out what their passions are and link these into Rotary. Taking time to CARE for each other and get to know each other is so important, if nothing else it is essential time is found for this. I have been amazed that the time invested to do this, for me, has led me to do things I never could have dreamed or planned of doing working on my own.

1070077_10201640440556831_920985614_nI have given you no activity specifics here as you can find all kinds of updates on our projects in our News Updates. I wanted just to reflect on time, it is so precious, we guard it possessively, yet time invested wisely, even just a little bit, can have such a rich return.  I often feel that I am not doing enough, but we say to all members when they join that they need to find the way to be involved that fits in with their whole life commitments, eRotary is flexible to allow for different time constraints and I know that it is not about how much I or any one of you gives, but it is the overall effect of us all working together with whatever time we have that makes the eClub work.

My time invested as President for Click 4 Action eRotary this year hopefully has benefitted you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time each member has been able to give, even for those moments of just chatting, to make this year so rich.



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  1. Charlotte says:

    Glad to hear you have survived your year. Great leadership and it has been fun to work alongside you. Well done on an impressive and successful year.

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