Welcome to our second Open Meeting for week commencing 9th August,  a chance to update everyone on what you are up to e.g.things you are doing in your community, to keep up-to-date with what we are doing in our projects and perhaps revisit some of our past programmes.

You might visit our new pages under the eClub Projects Menu, where you will find things we are planning to do or are doing.

Did  you get a chance last week to visit another eClub in our Scatter Week? If not go this week, it is ever so easy with the links on the page.

The month of August is Membership and Extension Month, please help us recruit new members to Rotary, this video may be of interest to you, when wanting to consider who you might approach…


On a positive note we welcome Sue Webb to our eClub, she is already encouraging colleagues to join, as Janice discovered when she visited the bank this week. If you can please come and help us welcome the new members Lynne, Mike and Yvonne into the eClub on Saturday 18th August at the Wheatstone Inn, Gloucester and bring along anybody else who is interested in joining the eClub, to meet up for a drink/lunch (it’s a Chef & Brewer inn with a Costa Coffee).  We will be there from 11am to 2pm-ish.  There is free WiFi there, so we will take along iPad/laptop if you want some help navigating around the eClub website. Address is Wheatstone Inn, Centre Seven, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3HR: it’s on the Gloucester bypass, if coming by M5 come off of at junction 11, it’s in the Leisure Park where the ten pin bowling is.  Look forward to seeing all those who can make it.

New Generation News

Please find attached a New Generations (Youth Opportunities) News Letter from RIBI. This contains a brief explanation of all Youth Opportunities promoted by RIBI. If someone else in your club is responsible for Youth please forward this email to them and let me know so that I can update my distribution list. Please contact me if you need any more information.


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0 thoughts on “eClub Open Meeting II

  1. Tim Mason says:

    We don’t need to be experts in what we tell people around us about Rotary. Yesterday the person I was talking to hadn’t heard about Rotary’s help in eradicating Polio from the world, was not aware about Shelter Boxes and was interested in helping with Baby Clothes.

  2. Rachel-A says:

    Welcome to Lynne, Mike and Yvonne. Hope to meet you soon either on the 18th or via email, Facebook etc.

    So what I have been doing this week. Well, now I have submitted my thesis I have some time in my life to relax and give attention to all those other things that have been on the back burner. Rotary is one and after attending a District membership meeting it got my brain thinking about how we can make the eclub work for all of its members and recruit more to our club. I hope those of you who are in the membership action group will provide me some feedback on what I push out in the next week or so. The rest of you will have to wait until the end of Aug but don’t let that stop you thinking (and doing) more about membership!!

    The other thing I hadn’t given much attention to was my local organisaer role for Free Cakes for Kids (always worth a good plug!) so I have spent some time contacting more organisations who work with disadvantage families and children to spread the word. Much to my surprise 3 requests came in for birthday cakes for kids in Bristol so I called upon my trusty volunteers to help out with Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig cakes. It always amazes me how such a simple idea (baking a cake for a kid who is having a tough time) really grabs people, its maybe something about the heart strings but shows me that giving back to our communities doesn’t need to be hard or full of grand jestures – just a simple token given unconditionally.


  3. Tim Mason says:

    At the adhoc meeting at the National Trust Cafe, we had a really useful discussion about the eClub logo, which got me thinking! Janice will do some graphics over the weekend, but Mary was talking about her visit to the Oxford eClub during the Scatter Week, she said ‘its not called an eClub but Oxford One’ and there is an eClub in the USA said Sinead called One.

    So how about we just have ‘@1100’ The logo could then be a Rotary badge with @1100, plus we can use the tag line on messages CLICK FOR ACTION @1100.

  4. Rachel Davis says:

    Welcome to all of the new members – this Eclub is going to take over the world….!
    Sorry that I can’t be at the Wheatstone on 18th – I’ll be in Banbury distributing donation bags and appeal leaflets, tring to generate stock for the local shop and fundraising ideas for the Mending Broken Hearts Oxford Appeal.
    *Tip for anyone attending on 18th, sign up to the chef and brewer newsletter and you’ll get a discount voucher*

    I like the idea of keeping the logo nice and simple – and the @1100 seems to work – I’ll wait to see Janice’s magic over the weekend, but I’m sure it will be fab.

    This week, I have been spreading the word about Rotary as well as spreading the word about my fundraising activities – particularly in Oxfordshire, where I am getting some great contacts – hopefully some of those will join us in the online Rotary world.

    This week has also been tinged with a bit of sadness, as my Grandfather passed away on Sunday morning. I was touched by the support of all of my online friends as I shared the news – it really has helped with such a difficult time, thank you all.

    Onwards to the weekend – the sun is shining, there is work to be done!

    • Tim Mason says:

      Thanks Rachel for this, it is exciting you are spreading the message about Rotary, especially as this month in Membership Month. Indeed the Sun is shining and yet again the grass has grown and unfortunately I need to mow it! I hope you have a good weekend.

  5. Janice Mason says:

    Life is certainly full of excitement and inspiration at the moment! It has been great welcoming new members to the eClub and we are still building new contacts into the pipeline, but even more exciting is that the eClub is really beginning to take shape, members have their own roles which will promote interaction and contact with each other. There are still some members who have not made it onto the website (or come on very often), Duncan, Tim D, Sue W, for examples, please can you be in touch with them on Facebook or email them to get to know them and help them feel involved.

    Have I mentioned before I’m in a choir called Makin’ MuZic? Apologies if I’m repeating myself, I do tend to go on about it, but I do love it! We held our annual concert 3 weeks ago and raised £400 and as we pay this into The Zurich Trust they match fund it by 50%, so that is a grand total of £600 for local charities. If you go to the home page of our website here http://makinmuzic.org/ you can listen to our version of Run by Snow Patrol (we thought the title was appropriate for the Olympics). We’re going to be singing at a wedding at the bank holiday Saturday and then rehearsals will start for Christmas (it’s very odd singing carols in September!), and keep an eye out for the date of our Christmas Caroling that the eClub will do in partnership with Makin’ MuZic, where eClub members dress up to create a Christmas mood and collect whilst the choir sing their hearts out – last year we raised £300 in 2 hours and hope to do the same this year, our share of the proceeds going to the End Polio Now campaign.

    In between all the excitement I am putting the hours into work as well. I have been very lucky this year to have had the opportunity to do some short term contract and freelance pieces of work (business analyst work and some exciting graphic design pieces), but strangely enough have ended up back where I started some months ago! Funny how the world turns isn’t it? I wonder what’s around the next corner?

  6. Debbie Vincent says:

    Hi everyone Are any of you going to the Fashion Show on 24th September at RWB held in the Memorial Hall at 7.0 o’clock. Tickets are £5.00 and there will be clothing for sale on the night from Marks and Spencers and other High Street Stores. contact is Mary Logan I am going so would be pleased to see any of you there. I am sorry I cannot come on Saturday 18th August but the family are taking our uncle who is going to be 86 out for lunch so I do hope you have a good time.

    • Jill says:

      Hi Debbie. Although interested in the Fashion Show that you write about, I have no idea where it is; please can you say where the RWB + Memorial Hall are?

      Best wishes


      • Mary Loran says:

        Hi Jill, sorry about the abbreviations, my fault. The fashion show is in Royal Wootton Bassett, in the Memorial hall in Station Road, the road opposite the town hall in the High street.
        I have tickets which you can collect at the door or I can send them to you, £5 .
        Do hope you will come

    • Mary Loran says:

      Hi Debbie , so glad you want to come to the Fashion show, I think you were talking to my husband John Loran ( not Logan) at Blunsdon house. I have the tickets how many do you want? I am thrilled to get your interest. I can send them if you let me know your address.
      We are off on Safari on Monday for 2 weeks so I will send them on my return
      Best wishes

  7. Tim Mason says:

    I’m really keen to develop how the eClub develops our Business and Community Links. Rotary has its roots based in a Business ethical base (Vocational Service), as Paul Harris the Businessman who founded Rotary wanted to share with others and started meeting as a small group (see Rotary Induction Notes). I’d like to see our eClub encourage people from small businesses, social enterprises, self-employed people, enterprise and community leaders encouraged to join the eClub. So how about a small working group within the Membership Action Group to try to stimulate this development?

    Secondly while in Canada the Ottawa Rotary Club had put the Four Way Test at the Heart of their Rotary, every member displayed the 4 Way Test in their Office or place of work, would members of the eClub be willing to do this?

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