Welcome to our first Open Meeting 12th July,  a chance to update everyone on what you are up to, to keep up-to-date with what we are doing in our projects and perhaps revisit some of our past programmes.

You might visit our new pages under the eClub Projects Menu, where you will find things we are planning to do or are doing.

It has been good to see all the activity on the site in recent weeks and just to bring you up-to-date with developments with the new eClub Website, Kevin & Heather have now produced a prototype being looked at by Janice and Tim, hopefully once some changes are made towards the end of August, we’d be looking for around 6 volunteers to help test it further.

We are pleased to confirm that Rachel Ashley has become our Senior Vice President.  As she prepares to lead the eClub in 2013/14, she will lead the Membership Action Group this year.   Sinead Darker has become our Junior Vice President, preparing for 2014/15, she will initially help coordinate the eClub Administration Action Group and then follow Rachel next year by moving to the Membership Action Group. We wish both Rachel and Sinead best wishes as they help President Tim, with the other eClub Officers develop our structures.

Finally, are you coming to the Gloucester City Farm event on Saturday 28th July, 11.00.a.m until 2.30.p.m. with picnic lunch (bring your own)?  Over the next 2 weeks District Zone meetings will be taking place, let Tim know if you are interested in going to the one in your area.  Don’t forget to check the eClub Calendar to ensure you keep up-to-date with current events.


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0 thoughts on “eClub Open Meeting

  1. Janice Mason says:

    Being the beginning of the Rotary year I have been busy as the Secretary contacting you all to sort out membership renewals, including getting to grips with keeping reporting membership numbers to District and keeping the RI database up to date. Membership payments are paid to District (who then pass on relevant amounts to RI and RIBI) twice yearly and the first payment for all active members needs to be paid by the end of July – so if you haven’t yet paid or told me how you wish to do so I would be grateful if you could get in touch.

    On a totally different ‘note’, I am a member of a choir called Makin’ MuZic and our annual concert is on Wednesday 25th July at the Wootton Bassett Methodist Church 7.30pm. This is a free concert, with all donations of appreciation being given to Zurich Cares, who match fund it by 50% and then distribute it to local charities. It is an informal, relaxed affair with music ranging from swing to folk to Mozart, Gary Barlow and even a bit of Snow Patrol thrown in this year for good luck! Everyone is welcome.

  2. Tim Mason says:

    It’s amazing you just go out to walk the dogs and an opportunity presents itself to you with a neighbour to promote the District 1100 eClub, two potential new members. Fingers crossed!

  3. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    100 Club

    Tim sent me some details of a very impressive 1000 club which is being set up in Swindon. If they get their full take up at £5 a month to be a member they will raise £60,000, some will be used as prize money and some to support charities.

    I think £5 a month is quite a lot for any of us to commit to, but what would everyone think about committing to £1 a month and we set up our own 100 club. If we sold all 100 numbers we could offer a first prize of £25, second of £15 and third of £10, still leaving us with £50 a month to support a good cause – over the year that’s £600 for worthy causes.

    What are peoples thoughts – if there are enough who are prepared to sign up for the year I will put together a list of rules and regulations for it (along the lines of one I have run at school) – and we can take it from there.

    • Debbie Vincent says:

      I think this is a very good idea, everyone benefits and it makes money without alot of time put in to it! I for one would be willing to sign up for it and i know Jan would so that is already 2.

  4. Heather says:

    Hello. Interesting you should mention the Zone meeting. I did have an invitation yesterday to attend one very soon, but I tactfully declined as I assumed it wasn’t relevant to an outsider. Could you explain what it is please Tim? I might see if the offer is still open.

    We are planning to come to the City Farm visit, en-route to Devon. We’ll have to push on again before 2.30 simply because of the distance we’ll still have left to travel and the need for multiple breaks for the children etc, but we’ll certainly be there for a while and will take the chance to have some lunch.

    Janice I’ll nudge Kevin about subs.

    Yzanne thanks for the offer of site testing. I’m leaving the timetable for that to Janice and Tim but I’m sure you’ll get your chance to have a play with it at some point.

  5. Heather says:

    I’m going to the Zone meeting in Hereford – it’s even sooner than I thought: it’s tonight! Talk about grasping the nettle. There’s going to be a talk about Interact, which I’m very interested in, and an educational exchange programme, which this time is to America. Kevin is staying at home to babysit, but I’ll report back.

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