We have entered a team into the District Skittles competition.
This is the traditional game with wooden Pub Skittles. It’s always fun, no great skill required although the ability to pick up, hold and bowl a wooden ball is helpful !
We will be expected to play 2 home matches and 2 away matches over the winter months. We set our own dates in agreement with our opponents.
I do not yet know who our opponents will be, but because we are an e.club with members all over the district I did say we would be prepared to play anywhere. So this will be a great opportunity to visit new places and meet new teams in the far corners of the District.
Please let me know if you would like to play. Also let me know if you can suggest a pub with a skittle alley where we can meet up for a bit of a social and a practice ! I do not suggest we field a crack team for every game… so there will be a chance for everyone to play.
Contact me though the website or direct at kathinny@hotmail.com
Katharine. Sports Officer.

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0 thoughts on “District Skittles !

  1. Debbie Vincent says:

    Hi Katharine, You can count me into play, there are alot of skittles alleys in this area and if you like I could find out if we could have the alley for a social and a practice let me know I am away until next Friday so could not do anything until I am back!!!

  2. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    Always let me know if you’re short of a player and if I can be there I will but with Richard travelling a lot at the moment and parents as baby sitters doing their fair share of travel too I can’t commit to any specific dates.

  3. Mary Loran says:

    I am not much good at it , it’s all luck for me butitisfun as long as its not taken too seriously, count me in

  4. Mary Nettle says:

    I like others enjoy skittles and am erratic in how I do!

    I know skittle alleys are in quite short supply around here and usually occupied by leagues. My brother is a keen skittler in Tewkesbury so he may be able to help. He is Round Table rather than Rotary, what confusion, they are for under 40’s but there is an over 41 club. He was on the council of Round Table, shame he has been nabbed already!


  5. Ray says:

    Tim ! You can count me in, I love playing skittles. Play in a league team in Malmesbury. Dates will depend on my civic commitments.


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