At this week’s meeting we welcome David Houghton District Governor of Rotary District 1100

Thank you David for taking time to be with us this week.


In the comment boxes below please feel free to ask David questions about his role, the District or about Rotary International in general and he has said he will post answers.

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0 thoughts on “District Governor’s Visit

  1. Katharine says:

    That is great to see you both, but unfortunately due to the lack of Broadband in this rural part of the world I cannot get the video to run longer than eleven seconds.
    What I would like to ask David, is, does he think the e club concept will develop and become mainstream Rotary ( technology permitting of course)!

    • David-DGE says:

      Katharine, thank you for this and I am sorry you have not been able to see the whole video. Some would say that eleven seconds of me is long enough!
      I know that the e club concept will (and has) to develop. To me it is already part of mainstream Rotary, especially in District 1100. We have to think, ‘what is good for our customers’, and to give them a choice of how and where to ‘do’ Rotary is essential in keeping the organisation relevant and fit for purpose in C21.

  2. Janice Mason says:

    Thank you David, a lot of thoughts for us to consider as a club. I would like to ask some questions about the role of the District:

    All Rotary clubs are part of the international organisation, but are also autonomous in what activities they choose to do, so from the District point of view what is their vision for the change they can facilitate?

    You mention that the eClub plays a vital part in the District, which is good to know, can you be more specific about how this is and how as DG you think we can support change within the District to enable Rotary to be more accessible so it can expand.

    What is the added value of ‘District’? What can we do with the support of the District that we cannot do on our own?

  3. David-DGE says:

    Janice, thank you for these questions. I think I may have answered some in my response to Katharine.
    Facilitation of change.
    You rightly point out that clubs are autonomous and this in one sense is a strength. On the other hand it can lead to a jealous guarding of independence. Vision for change comes from acceptance of the reality of a given situation. I am seeing,encouragingly, the acceptance among a good deal of clubs that things have to change in order to ensure a club’s future and strengthen the present membership. From the District point of view, we should be there to support and facilitate (if asked so to do) the club’s future vision. Richard Purdon, our Club Visioning Champion, is putting a team together to be a resource for clubs to use.
    As I wrote to Katharine,
    We have to think, ‘what is good for our customers’, and to give them a choice of how and where to ‘do’ Rotary is essential in keeping the organisation relevant and fit for purpose in C21. The eCLub is ideally placed to do this. You have already pioneered other ways of doing eCLub (I think you are the only eCLub that has the facility of members being able to meet physically) and judging what I have seen and know, I cannot imaging that the innovation and lateral thinking I am experiencing from District 1100eCLub members will cease. I also love the way that Rotarians new to the organisation challenge why things are done, and suggest other ways of doing things. This is invaluable, and will always have a ready ear while I am DG. We still have a hurdle of perception of what eCLub is all about to get over, and here communication, objectivity and realisation of what the eClub has and is doing comes in. District is part of the communication process and I believe the more our District members know,see and hear about the great work you do the better. As I say often, eCLub is a vital part of the toolbox we have in District to attract and retain members.
    District adding value.
    A great question. Firstly through District there is an endorsement of what you are doing (I don’t want that to sound pompous). Many times, in my present capacity, I have been able to promote our eCLub among my fellow DGs as well as in my travels around the 68 other clubs in the District.
    Secondly District can act as a conduit for potential member enquiries. You probably know that central enquiries to RIBI are sent to the District Membership chair who then directs them to clubs where placement appears apppropriate. We follow very much a ‘customer focussed agenda’ and eCLub is part of this. We are especially keen to offer eClub membership as a default mode whenever other placement is not possible (but this should not be taken as ‘when all other things fail, try the eCLub – far from it). Thirdly communication and support. We can support the eClub with communication and physical presence at arranged events – I know Richard, your AG, has done this. I believe in Team Rotary, and should like to think that we are working together to encourage each other, but also to disabuse some of the wrong notions about eClub.
    Lastly, by encouraging the ‘We’re for Communities’ message. Community to me is not just about club, district, national or international. It is about us all working together for a common cause, with common purpose – to serve others, and in the words of RI President Sukuji, ‘giving others the ability to live and enjoy life without having to fight to survive’ – Peace through Service. District should help to paint the bigger picture of Rotary.
    Hope this rather lengthy answer helps. I really appreciate the thought that has gone into your questions.

    • Janice Mason says:

      Thank you David. I when I have attended the District Council meetings (open to any Rotarian in the District) and the Zone meetings (local clubs meeting together to share amongst themselves and District representatives)I have learnt a lot more about what is going on throughout Rotary, not just what we choose to do in the eClub. To me it is your last point that rings as best support, in District helping to paint the bigger picture of Rotary.
      Just one other quick question: do you do any other magic tricks? I’m very impressed with the quick hand movements to achieve the ring trick.

  4. Sinead Darker says:

    Hi David

    Thanks for giving us your time – lots of food for thought in what you said and I find it particularly encouraging that you place such emphasis on the people element of Rotary. To attract more members we do need to work as a team, not only within our eclub but also within the District and I am pleased that your leadership vision recognises this crucial element of our clubs.

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