Administration Action Group meeting w/c 14th June – based on the weekly programme below for this week.

As the Secretary here are my starters for 10 on the goals set for the eClub Administration Action Group, from which we need to agree our proposed plan to feed into the District 1100 eClub 2012-13 plan to be agreed at our Assembly w/c 28th June.  If anyone else not in the Action Group would like to volunteer for any of the roles or comment please feel free to join in the discussion.

  • to ensure we produce an eClub Budget and account for funds in a proper way

The Treasurer job is too large for one person, an Assistant Secretary with a specific role to support the Treasurer is required.  This needs to be someone who is used to dealing with budgets and accounting spreadsheets who can support Emma and share the tasks.

  • to get the eClub Charitable Status in place and have opened a Charity Account

Can someone please take responsibility for applying for our eClub Trust/Charitable Status.  I have all the paperwork, just not the capacity to do it myself.  This will also require working with Emma as the Treasurer and the new Assistant Secretary to ensure we have the right Charity Funds set up separately from our General Funds.

  • to refresh the website and make it more eClub friendly

Kevin is already working to refresh the website and a test site is imminent.  Please can you give us an idea of your plans and timescales for updating and then managing the website going forward for us to include in our eClub 2012-13 plan.  What does this Action need to do to support you to do this?

  • to coordinate the eClub weekly programmes and calendar of events and activities

Ensuring effective communication around the eClub members is a responsibility of our Action Group.  The 2 key areas for this falls into 2 areas, for which we need a coordinator for each:-

Coordinator for Calendar of Events – as an eClub we are now planning different activities that need to be communicated out to our members and other Rotarians.  There are also activities for us to support and join in with organized by the District and other Rotary Clubs, details of which need to be circulated.

Coordinator for the eClub Weekly Programme – whilst we’ve been setting up this role has fallen primarily to our President Tim, but for the coming year a coordinator is needed to establish a weekly programme plan which everyone in the eClub contributes to.

  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  1. Emma and her sister Alice would like to create a calendar using Alice’s make up artist skills. Some members of the club have volunteered to be made up, we need a coordinator to enlist the help of others to complete all the months.  Decisions needed:  Emma – does Alice want to do this over one day or on various occasions (how long does each person take?).  If we want to have this as a printed and published calendar, how do we raise money for production prior to selling? We need to get a move on with this if we are to start selling at the beginning of September.  Or do we want to do it as an online/electronic calendar, if so does anyone know how this would work and who could do it?  How are we going to market it?  As the Administration Group I propose we say the funds raised are ‘for Rotary Charities’ which we can use to start to build up our charity fund with, so we have funds if we need them.
  2. Is there another activity you would like to run later in the year either physically or online to promote eClub member relationship building?

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