Programme for week commencing 12th February, 2015

Light Up RotaryExtracts from the Programme Week commencing 9th February 2012, entitled Rome wasn’t Built in a Day, reads:

We think it is important our celebration of becoming a Rotary eClub continues for the next few weeks as it was quite a momentous occasion. However as Rotarians we ought to be considering the next steps we need to take to build up, out, down and around as we progress our development. It is best we do this in small steps, as we build our relationships with each other and learn what works best for us all.’

As we continue to grow in eRotary it is important that we continue to build our relationships with each other. In doing this we must find the best medium for doing this – in our Members Forum, telephone, Skype, email, Social Media, Hangouts, sometimes getting together to do projects even online.

Back in the programme of 9th February 2012 we ask ‘So what needs to be done?

Slide3Getting used to logging into the website each week at whatever time suits you best.
Getting to know each other, through the website, LinkedIn, Facebook and perhaps for some Twitter.
Help us promote the new District 1100 eClub by retweeting messages and ‘sharing’ on Facebook and LinkedIn where possible, the more people doing this will show we aren’t a one person affair, but a team working together.
Ask questions of your mentor about what you are unsure about in regards to Rotary and always feel you can ask questions about our eClub website to our Secretary.
Do make sure you accept the Friendship Requests on the eClub website, as this allows others to contact you and the Website Admin to invite you to be involved in the groups.
By the time we get to formally Chartering the eClub, it will be good if our Forums/Groups are starting to meet to discuss what things the eClub will be undertaking in the coming months.
In the background we are continuing to build the eClub’

Much of what was said still applies now, last week we saw the launch of our 3rd Virtual Balloon – this year A Race for Water. We need all our members of Click 4 Action eRotary to join in with this fundraising effort, whether online by retweeting or sharing posts or using the old fashioned paper posters and leaflets, which are available by downloading. By joining in with this activity together we are working as that team of Rotarians doing our Service.

Logging into our Members Forum will keep everyone informed of what is planned, what is happening and what we’ve achieved, just a few minutes using tap talk can now keep you up-to-date and in the loop.

In the next few weeks we will launch our new Click 4 Action Website, we want people to help put the pages together, they will tell others about our work and what it might offer them. Please do get involved in this project to help us communicate to everyone our achievements over 3 years and that we are still building Rome as a team which even includes all our provisional members and Rotaractors.

Above all we grow, we achieve, we offer an alternative for people to do Rotary in the 21st Century, because we are the Click 4 Action eRotary Team, building friendships, supporting each other and having fun giving Service. We celebrate 3 years and look forward to many more to come.


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